To Sleep Perchance to dream


11 t/m 14 jaar -

Vak Engels, Engelstalig of tweetalig onderwijs.This 45 minute performance is a playful introduction to the fun of Shakespeare, using quotes from five of his most famous works: Romeo & Juliet; The Tempest; Macbeth; Twelfth Night and A Midsummer Night's Dream.

William is struggling with writer's block, and after being told, rather harshly, by his wife to take the rubbish out, he falls asleep in his shed. Suddenly William finds himself in all manner of absurd situations, where he is met by some familiar characters; a 13-year old girl named Juliet, looking to marry her boyfriend, a pair of drunken sailors who mistake him for a monster, and a confused Scot with blood on his hands, to name a few.

Workshop (45 mins)
This performance can be booked with a preparatory workshop, during which students will become familiar with the quotes used in the play, as well as with their original contexts.

Prep lesson
A prep pack is available, free of charge, to accompany the workshop and performance. The pack introduces students to the five plays covered in the performance, and will allow them to delve deeper into the workshop material.

Wij boeken deze voorstelling al jaren, prachtig, leerzaam en boeiend.

Docent CKV

Details en prijzen

Leerlingenaantal: 500 leerlingen per voorstelling
Bijzonderheden: Engelstalige toneelvoorstelling, 10+ alle niveaus

1 voorstelling €1350,-
2 voorstellingen €1600,-

Alle prijzen zijn exclusief 6% BTW en inclusief reiskosten (binnen Nederland), lesmateriaal en auteursrechten. Eventuele hotelovernachtingen zijn niet bij de prijs inbegrepen.